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Welcome to the website dedicated to telling the story of La Croix New Testament Mission. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The town of La Croix is located in the Artibonite Valley, 85 miles north of the capitol of Port au Prince.

It has been the vision and dream of Pastor Vaugelas Pierre to make a better life for the the Haitian people. Pierre began serving at La Croix in 1975, and since then has heeded God's call to provide schooling for children in Haiti. Over the years the enrollment has grown from less than 200 students to over 3500 students per school year. Always seeking to know and do God's will, Pastor Pierre works tirelessly along with La Croix staff members, the residents of La Croix, and mission partners in the US, on behalf of the students ranging from Pre-school through 12th grade.

This website seeks to familiarize you with the mission's endeavors. Learn about the many ways you can join in the efforts to make life better for the people of La Croix.

  • The SCHOOLS are overflowing with eager students.
  • The seven village CHURCHES are filled with worshipers each Sunday and on many evenings.
  • WELLS have been drilled in 12 different locations in the community to provide clean water to LaCroix's people.
  • The GRAIN MILL offers an opportunity to area residents to mill the grain they harvest, providing them with some income or their own provisions.
  • The MEDICAL and MATERNITY CLINICS provide affordable health care to people near and far.
  • The COMMUNITY OF HOPE is a new endeavor to provide housing to those who need it most.
  • A REFORESTATION project has been initiated to teach the students through hands-on experience how and why growing plants is important.

Check out the following video-- a wonderful overview of how the La Croix Haiti Mission
has changed the lives of the people of La Croix.

Updated 11 September 2013
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